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Our Products

Passenger Elevators

We provide a wide range of passenger elevator solutions tailored to a variety of building requirements.

It can be a geared (With machine room) or a gearless (Machine room less) elevator with speeds ranging from 0.63 Meter Per Second to 2.5 Meter Per Second.

Usha passenger elevator series  meets  high traffic demands and offers maximum functionality. It offers comfortable and safe ride for passengers. Our elevators can be customized  to accommodate a wheelchair with an attendant .

We install high, mid and low rise Passenger elevators. Our cabin sizes start from 1000 mm X 750 mm to 2400 MM X 3050 MM with a Load bearing capacity of 272 kgs to 3000 Kgs.

Freight Elevators

Freight elevators are installed in residential apartments, commercial buildings  ,hotels , hospitals and  industry applications

Available as geared and gearless elevators  both with multiple roping options  like 2:1 and 4:1.Our cabin sizes start from 1100 MM X 1200 MM to 3400 MMX4000 MM with a load bearing capacity of  500 Kgs to 5000 Kgs.

It is designed as per the specific requirements of each building type and is very apt for cargo movement along with passenger movement. It ensures efficient operational efficiency  with  customized delayed  time for door closing operation for  higher feasibility.

We can supply up to a maximum payload capacity of  Five tons  and  customize door openings up to 1800 MM.

It  is equipped with special  safety  features like heavy duty door sills ,robust protective bumpers ,full length handrail option in cabin and aluminium chequered plate flooring.

Bed Elevators

It is exclusively designed to suit the requirements of a hospital  , driven by geared or a gearless machines it ensures high levelling accuracy, low noise levels ,higher ventilation and optimal operational efficiency.

It is equipped to accommodate a stretcher or a bed  along with a medical trolley and can carry maximum up to 26 passengers .

It is having wider door opening options   starting from 900MM to 1500 MM for easy movement.of hospital beds.

Home Elevators

Our Home Elevators can be easily installed both in new and in existing buildings. The Shaft can be made of Concrete walls or can be made of metal profiles ( Metal Structure Shaft ) and located inside or outside the buiding.

Suitable for a row house or a villa it can be driven by a geared (With machine room ) ,gearless  (Machine room less) or Hydraulic system with minimum overhead and pit requirement.The car can be customized according to the personal taste of a client. The client can choose from among a range of finishes such as brushed stainless steel , linen ,laminates or  coloured glossy ones.

Hydraulic Elevators

Usha hydraulic elevators offer a wide selection of standard and fully customizable designs. From the simplest to the most complex applications, our expertise and quality are inherent in every component, ensuring smooth installation and dependable performance. Our streamlined installation process and Stock supply system help in performing  in the most challenging timelines. We offer everything from two stop standard dual jack holeless elevators to the most high end, customed rope freight elevators. There is no project too big or too small for Usha Elevators.

This product comes in a variety of configurations and is ideal for buildings with the following features and service needs:

Hole less Hydraulic Elevators use a pair of above ground cylinders, which makes it practical for environmentally or cost sensitive buildings with 2, 3, or 4 floors.

Roped Hydraulic Elevators use both above ground cylinders and a rope system, which combines the reliability of inground hydraulic with the versatility of hole less hydraulic, even though they can serve up to 8-12 floors.

For further information kindly contact our branch office or email sales@ushaelevators.com


Usha Dumbwaiter Series is a time-tested model, capable of meeting both commercial and residential requirements.  The model featured here includes fire-rated bi-parting hoistway doors in stainless steel finish with a 100 lb weight capacity (up to 300 kgs available).

Our  dumbwaiters are intended for all public, private and industrial settings including schools, universities, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and  houses of worship to name a few. Dumbwaiters are particularly useful where a passenger elevator isn’t feasible due to site constraints, budget concerns or the type of use doesn’t justify a ‘passenger riding’ elevator product. Many layout configurations, load size and weight rating options are available to uniquely fit each application.

Below are the highlights of our commercial

  • Up to 300 kgs carrying capacity
  • Platform sizes up to 9 sq feet and 4 feet high
  • Inline and front/rear car configurations available
  • Speeds up to 50 feet per minute (fpm), more typical speeds range from 0.25 Meter Per Second to 0.50 Meter Per Second
  • Time tested cable winding drum motors
  • Stainless steel or gray enamel carbon-steel metal finishes available
  • Fire-rated, bi-parting hoistway and car doors
  • Three phase power standard with single phase power models available
  • No Machine Room is required for housing our machine. It can be fitted within the height of the top floor or within self supporting structure
  • Our Dumbwaiters are in compliance with IS 14665 of 2002
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Load Indicator available on request