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Maintenance is the backbone of our company and we are known for our excellent service.

As one of the premier elevator installation companies in Bangalore, our service guarantees efficient maintenance assistance. Professional work force in maintenance division ensures the best operating performance post handover of our products

Our efficient response system ensures passenger safety, a quick action, which in turn reduces inconvenience to passengers. Regular preventive checks guarantee desired performance preventing problems before they occur.

USHA Elevators has embraced comprehensive elevator maintenance programs tailored to diversified needs of customers .The Silver, Gold and Platinum maintenance programs are designed to meet various needs of clients in the highly competitive market.

Our philosophy of delighting a customer has catapulted us as one of the Top 10 Elevator Companies in India.

  • We incorporate technologies to increase efficiency by incorporating Customer Relationship Management, cloud telephony, etc. which help in minimizing downtime and achieving higher customer satisfaction.
  • Fourteen point safety inspections which is performed on each elevator at regular intervals
  • Our sufficient inventory level ensures Zero downtime
  • Constant training of manpower with Advanced and Updated Technologies
  • Open for customer suggestions that lead to improvement
  • Route optimization of Service Engineers
  • Highly qualified and trained maintenance personnel
  • Silver Maintenance Program

    It includes 24 hour break down assistance with a 45 day interval preventive maintenance schedules from Usha Elevators.

    Our best technicians check for all safety related points and make sure all the moving parts are serviced which enables in increasing durability and efficiency of the product providing best of the services for the client.

    The silver maintenance program is a hassle free, no encumbrance package for our customers who are interested in periodic checking of their elevators ensuring best safety measures for the elevators they use everyday.

  •   Gold Maintenance Program

    One of the most popular options, it offers value for money. Easy replacement of spares coupled with regular preventive maintenance leaves nothing for customer to worry about.

    Downtime of elevator is reduced to minimum as it includes replacement of components as when required.

  • Platinum Maintenance Program

    It is a freedom package for our customers. Apart from a regular preventive maintenance, it includes an extensive check ,free replacement of worn out components and spares including consumables as and when required. It also extends a warranty on components, which gets defective on power related issues.

    The platinum maintenance program is a hassle free , no encumbrance package for our customers who are interested in more time to work up his way to success.

This is a privileged maintenance program suitable for crucial buildings like hospitals, airports, and railway stations. Please contact us to know more about the same.

Our proactive response system is duly bolstered by capabilities such as:

  • Constant management of processes
  • On field data collection
  • Constant monitoring of processes
  • Import from ERP units
  • Incompatible Admin facilities
  • Highly efficient on-field team
  • Real time insights backed by immediate field updates
  • Field Force Management
  • Availability of location tagged pictures along with the job data
  • Total control of activities related to site management
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to on-field members to ensure unnecessary delays in work and optimum utilization of on-field time

Maintenance Programs: How they benefit you

Coming back to our trustworthy maintenance programs, we can only say that our preventive maintenance programs turn out to be very effective when it comes to ensuring improved performance by addressing concerns before they lead to shutdowns, minimizing unnecessary financial drain by getting worn out parts replaced right on time and extending the life of elevators.

Elevators Installation and Maintenance companies have to manage large number of sites spread across geography. To deliver on the high uptime demand by our customers, We need effective and efficient management and maintenance of the sites. Our Proactive Response System arms Elevator Installation and Maintenance with solutions that help in better management and maintenance operations. The solution empowers site management operation with following capabilities.

  • On field data collection
  • Reporting and analytics with in depth insights into operations
  • Field force management
  • Monitoring and Management of process
  • Powerful Admin features with bulk upload of team members and site information
  • Import from ERP systems

Benefits of Proactive Response System

  • Improved site uptime and Optimum utilization of field staff
  • Effective preventive maintenance leads to lesser downtime
  • Timely response reduces the actual downtime
  • Real-time insights with instant updates
  • Location-tagged photos along with job data
  • Digitized data collection from jobs
  • Automatic task assignment to on-field employees, which enables least supervision
  • Visibility and control of site maintenance activities
  • Dispatch jobs to your field staff instantly, wherever they are
  • Make it easy for your employees to access and complete jobs from field
  • Insights into field activities with near real-time updates
  • Improved efficiency on field team with management
  • Manager and Team member Alerts which helps in taking further actions when site breakdowns.

Preventive Maintenance & life cycle Planning

Regular on-site preventive maintenance has several benefits :

  • It provides a higher level of reliability by addressing issues before they result in shutdowns
  • It extends the service life of the elevator by replacing or repairing parts before they cause additional wear on other components
  • It allows for better financial planning by reducing expenses rather than incurring unplanned expenditure

Modernization Programs :

Our solutions improve and extend the life of an installation adding features, comfort and safety. We offer solutions that have been specially designed for replacing old elevators at optimal cost to customer.

At Usha, We Can Modernize Any Manufacturer’s Equipment By adding new technology to existing equipment we can bring elevators in compliance with all the applicable codes and increase elevator operational efficiency, performance & appearance.