At Usha Elevators, we design, manufacture, install and modernize and maintain the elevators dedicated to the transport of people and freight for use in residential apartments, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, retail, airports, metro stations, and buildings with no elevator shaft, etc.

Our advance controllers and elevators are designed to meet the vertical transport needs of passengers in a comfortable, safe and efficient manner. The residential lifts prices are lower, and we install high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise Passenger & Freight elevators with a maximum speed of up to 2.5 meters/second.

We are one of the best residential elevator company, so browse through our diverse category of elevators…

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Tailored for residential and commercial applications
Suitable for low, mid, and high-rise buildings
Available at various operating speeds ranging from 0.63 Meters Per Second to 2.5 Meters Per Second
Geared (With Machine Rooms) & Gearless (Without Machine Room) elevator
Ability to meet high traffic demand and offers maximum functionality

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Designed to carry patients on stretchers or wheelchairs
Designed with ability to move medical equipment with an optimum mix of fixtures
Designed to carry up to 26 passengers
Wide door opening options ranging from 900 mm to 1500 mm

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Custom designed for private residences
Minimal modifications required
Shaft can be made of concrete walls or metal profiles
Quiet and quick installations
Trusted by leading architects, celebrities and HNIs

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Suitable for pay load capacity of up to 5 tons
Designed to accommodate Sedans & SUVs
Customizable car heights & wider door openings

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Built to carry cargo up to 5 tons (5000 kgs)
Customizable door openings – up to 1800 mm
Car platforms designed and manufactures to suit specific point load configurations
Equipped with special safety features like heavy duty door sills, robust protective bumpers, full length handrail, and aluminium chequered plate flooring

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Compact freight elevator meant to carry objects
Suitable payload up to 250 kgs
Speed options ranging from 0.25 mps to 0.50 mps and 50 ft per min
Self-supporting mild steel structure to house dumbwaiters

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Usha hydraulic elevators are powered by a piston that travels inside the cylinder. An electric motor pumps hydraulic oil into the cylinder to move the piston. The piston smoothly lifts the elevator cabin. Electric valves control the release of the oil for a gentle descent.

The following are the advantages that Usha’s hydraulic lift for home offers:

Easy to Use These elevators help overcome technical difficulties that are endemic to existing buildings with the following:

  • Limited shaft sizes
  • Lesser pit depth
  • Restricted overhead
  • Less home elevator cost


The use of the latest technology guarantees quick and non-invasive installation. There is no need for large-scale structural changes. Its high versatility makes it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Superior Functionality

The uniqueness of each elevator is the result of various levels of customization done as per the measurements and surveys of the installation site. This kind of elevator can be integrated easily into any environment. Harmony with the décor is also possible because of the different types of:

  • Materials
  • Finishes
  • Colors
  • Accessories

Key Features

  • MRL design with the reliability and easiness of installation of hydraulic elevators
  • Anodized aluminum finishing and compact design
  • Suitable for residential and commercial spaces
  • Reduced current absorption due to optimized valve designed for maximum power efficiency
  • Emergency rescue devices are remoted at the landing and integrated into the MRL controller
  • Compact and silent power unit

We also provide a wide range of metal structures for all needs, from aluminum, mild steel, and powder-coated finishes to stainless steel cladding with glass or aluminum composite panels. All structures are compliant with EN-1090.

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