Maintenance being the backbone of Usha Elevators, we are known for our impeccable pre and post-handover services.
As one of the premier elevator installation companies in Bangalore, our service guarantees hassle-free maintenance assistance. Through our advanced and efficient maintenance system, we deliver to you the 7 promises.

Our 7 Promises


Our compliance to stringent European norms of codes and regulations along with regular comprehensive inspection programmes, ensure safety of our product and passengers travelling in our elevators. Furthermore, all our product components are CE certified and our elevators are at par with EN81-1:1998 safety compliances.


The overall quality of our elevators without any compromise is our USP. We inculcate stringent quality standards throughout various divisions of the company, from service engineers and factory personnel to sales managers.


In compliance with EN 81-28, an advanced technology Usha Cloud is here to improve the customer service experience. Through Usha Cloud, we can monitor our elevators across the country in real-time, extracting bits of information like – the position of the elevator, how many meters has the elevator traveled, on which floor is it most used, etc. This data aids our services engineers to diagnose a faulty elevator even before reaching the site.

In case of a mantrap inside the elevator cabin, the system sends SMS/e-mail to the concerned Usha personnel with all the required details, including error code data, building addresses, and landmarks.


We offer 24/7 connected services through cloud-based maintenance programs, allowing customers to have peace of mind, while our customer care experts can recommend the right package for their requirements. Our maintenance programs are designed to suit the requirements of High Rise, and Mid Rise projects. Additionally, our quality control teams conduct comprehensive safety checks after regular preventive maintenance visits.


The introduction of a new-age mobile interface allows us to service our customers on the go. The primary benefit is a massive reduction in service time as service calls are allocated to our engineers faster. It allows us to maintain the reduced downtime of our elevators at all times.


At Usha Elevators we are committed to our core values. We are driven by integrity and treat each client, employee and our partners with trust and respect. Our reputation for innovation and excellence is well-established and continues to be a differentiator in the marketplace.


Our trained personnel are passionate and serve each customer with professionalism and skill. We believe in the concept of the right person with the right skillset for every job description. It guarantees a streamlined execution, minimum installation time, and prompt service. One of the reasons we can receive a minimum of five recommendations from each elevator we produce.

Preventive Maintenance

Benefits Of Regular On-site Preventive Maintenance On Elevator Life Cycle

Higher Reliability

Addressing issues before shutdowns, resulting in reduced downtime

Extended Service Life

Replacing or repairing damaged parts before they cause adverse effect on other components

Better Financial Planning

Evaluating repair costs in advance, resulting in no or minimal unplanned expenditure

Quality Control Checks Exclusive For Maintenance

Irrespective of having Quality Control processes during installation we offer Quality Control programs on our Preventive Maintenance which is a first in the industry. We conduct these checks to doubly ensure the services provided to our clients are as per our standards and also provide an opportunity to directly address any issue from the client. This service also ensures checks on all critical components related to passenger safety and product performance.

AS A POLICY, WE DO NOT MAINTAIN MULTIBRAND ELEVATORS, as we consider elevator maintenance needs constant training for all Engineers concerning the Technology and products installed. SAFETY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY.


Usha RecreateTM Modernization Solutions: Enhancing Customer Experience 

We offer updated modernization programs to upgrade existing elevators at client locations through Usha RecreateTM. Our modernization solutions enable us to upgrade not just our existing machines at a client location but also machines of any other manufacturer.

The Usha RecreateTM program maximizes the value of your property at optimal cost by incorporating best-in-class performance and aesthetics with zero or minimal disruption.

These programs use the latest technology to enhance an existing elevator and:

  • Improve reliability
  • Upgrade safety
  • Enhance comfort
  • Update appearance
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable codes
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