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The Success of a Decade Continues

We started with a few and quickly moved on to achieve much. As we continue the journey, we would like to thank the employees and customers for being an integral part of this success story.

Over the decade, Usha Elevators has realized how a customer-focussed service can positively impact people from all walks of life. Whether our elevators operate in hospitals, factories, or offices; our team of experts is concerned about the countless people who depend on the smooth functioning of the elevators. Time and again we have pulled out all the stops to solve problems and ensure smooth operations. We take pride in our efficient maintenance system that has resulted in innumerable customer success stories.

Usha elevators, part of the Tatamanji Group Corp, a diversified global conglomerate, launched operations in 2008. Ever since then, we have been committed to delivering superior quality elevator solutions to various segments. Rapid urbanization has given rise to newer demands from elevator systems. We evolve continuously to present modern and innovative elevators which are lavish and functional in design while equipped with all safety measures. The system installed in our elevators predicts future problems making repair possible before any damage is caused, increasing the product life as a consequence.

Furthermore, our MRL elevators (Machine Room-Less) have made us well-known in the market for offering energy-efficient solutions. Our state-of-of-the-art elevators have been installed across various facilities, from residences to corporate offices. We are renowned for our design, engineering, and maintenance services and have scaled up to be the best in vertical elevators. It comes as no surprise that 65% of our orders come through satisfied customers and referrals.

The achievements of this organization are truly the result of combined efforts by every member of our team. As we diligently move toward our long-term vision, Usha Elevators will continue to manufacture the best commercial and residential elevators with the latest technology for optimum use and efficiency.

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